Muan Pitha

Raja Special Muan Pitha – Celebrating Swing Festival 2018

Muan Pitha is a steamed cake with coconut & jaggery stuffing is much in demand during Raja festival. Raja festival also known as Swing festival marks the beginning of agricultural year all over Odisha, when the first shower of monsoon makes the paddy fields  ready for productivity. Muan Pitha is also known as Sijha Pitha, Chauti Manda…

Poda Pitha- a unique rice flour cake

Banaste Dakila Gaja…… Barasake thare asichi Rajo…… Asichi Rajo lo heba nua saja bajja…… The most vivid and enjoyable memories one has of the Raja gaiety is the rope-swings on big banyan trees and the lyrical folk-songs that one listens from the nubile beauty enjoying the atmosphere.

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