Diwali sweet

Diwali sweet

when we talk about Indian festivals, sweets are a must to be made at home or brought from the market to relish and celebrate.Diwali is such a festival when our houses are  loaded with sweets and savories. Barfi, jalebi, malpua, kaju katli, peda, kheer, etc are few of the delicacies which I usually make during Diwali.  This year, I will be celebrating our Diwali with a fruity twist to traditional Diwali sweets.

When it comes to include fruits in any form of traditional sweets, I love to experiment with flavors and have prepared kiwifruit sandesh, mango sandesh, apple malpua, apple chenapoda, apricot rabdi, sitaphal kalakand. As I was planning to include fruits in my diwali and I wondered how about making a Barfi with a fruit I have just fell in love with- Persimmon fruit.


For persimmon  puree:

5 nos, ripened persimmons(peeled and pureed)

1/4th  cup sugar

For Barfi:

1 cup paneer

1½ cup, full fat milk

1½ cup, milk powder

6 nos , cardamom crushed and powdered

1 no black cardamom,crushed and powdered

1/3rd  cup, sugar (this fruit is sweet so adjust accordingly)

For garnishing:

chopped almonds and pistachios

Let’s make it:-

  • Peel and puree the persimmons. In a pan, cook the persimmons along with sugar till it reaches the thick sauce consistency. Take it off the stove and keep it aside.
  • In another pan, combine milk, milk powder, crumbled paneer, sugar, powdered cardamoms and cook till it starts thickening, stir to avoid burning.
  • Add cooked persimmons and cook till it leaves the side of the pan to form soft dough. Take it off the heat.Spread it on a greased tray and allow it to cool completely .
  • Garnish the top with chopped almonds, pistachios .  Cut the barfi into desired shape and serve.

This Diwali, try making this fruity barfi for your guests and i must tell they will love it.


Diwali sweet

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