Ambula Rai

Ambula Rai (Dry Mango Raita) -A popular odia delicacy

Ambula Rai is a traditional and delicious Odia recipe that is extremely popular among all generations. Its a classic khatta or odia style chutney or raita..It is served as a side dish. It’s a dish which reminds me of temple food preparation and it is very easy to prepare. Ambula is Dried raw mango . During summer raw mangoes are cut into half or quarter and are mixed with salt and sun dried till they are completely dry and are used in various dishes as a souring agent. NB: You dont have to add salt here as the dry mangoes…


Compared to other region ,Odia cuisine used relatively less oil and is less spicy but of great taste. Odia cooks, particular from the Puri region, were much sought after due to their ability to cook food in accordance to the Hindu scriptures. During the 19th century, many Odia cooks were employed in Bengal and they took several dishes with them. Dalma is one of the most common recipe in every Odia household, particularly the coastal Odisha. Being from the coastal district of Odisha, Dalma is my all time favorite dish. It is a vegetarian dish in which dal and lots…


The delicious Punjabi dum aloo is one of the most loved potato curry recipes of Indian cooking. This mouth watering truly punjabi style dum aloo recipe with curd and kasuri methi flavored gravy at home is just a few easy steps away. Through out the entire region of our country, this recipe is made with so many variations.Here I am going to show you a truly Punjabi dum aloo recipe made at home in a restaurant style.Do try out yourself and see the result .

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