Kakharu Phula Bhaja/ Kumro Phool Bhaja – Crispy Pumpkin Flower starter

Pumpkin flowers are very much part of the food culture in the Indian states of Odisha and West Bengal. We make fritters (both stuffed and plain) with pumpkin flowers which is called Kumro Phool Boda/Bhaja (Bengal) or Kakharu Fulla Bhaja (Odisha). Today I am sharing with you a beautiful snack recipe made with Pumpkin Flower. It is a popular starter in Odia cuisine. Generally it is served as a starter with plain rice, but it can be eaten as a tea time snacks. It is very tasty to eat, very quick and easy to prepare.

Carrot Halwa ( Gajar Ki Halwa)

Carrot Halwa or Gajar Ka Halwa is a sweet dessert associated with the people in northern India. It is made with grated carrot, milk and sugar.It is a simple recipe with shredded carrots. It does not require much ghee or frying, so one can really indulge in this sweet without feeling guilty. You can add some more nuts like Almonds or Pistachios, condensed milk or khoya . You can also make these Carrot halwa into small Ladoos and see how happy your children would be to grab them all.



Every year during the month of Ashwin , Hindus observe ten days of ceremonies, rituals, fasts and feasts in honor of the supreme mother goddess, Maa Durga. It begins with the fast of Navaratri , and ends with the festivities of Bijaya Dashami. Navratri is celebrated with great zeal across Northern and Eastern India. It is symbolic of the celebration of nine nights of battle of the good against the evil with the result of victory of the good on the tenth day. During this period, Mother Durga is worshipped as the deity of power, energy and wisdom. Navratri is…


 Custard apple or sitaphal is known the world over for its health benefits, it is rich in vitamin C and nutrients like potassium and magnesium, in India as well it has been consumed for ages and many people also use it for religious purposes. Custard apple is high inenergy, an excellent source of vitamin C and manganese, a good source of thiamine and vitamin B6, and provides vitamin B2, B3B5, B9, iron, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium in fair quantities. The flesh is fragrant and sweet, creamy white to light yellow, and resembles and tastes like custard and that’s why it is called custard apple. In India it is known by its various names like ata in Odia and Bengali , sharifa in Hindi and Punjabi, Sitaphal in Marathi, Gujrati and Hindi also.

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