Habisa Dalma

HABISA DALMA- A tribute to our tradition

Odisha is known for its magnificent temples and culture. The traditions and culture of people of Odisha is very old and unique. Odia’s all over the world celebrate a lot of cultural fairs and festivals. These festivals are an important part of Odia culture and traditions. The unique and rich cultural adherence of Odias probably makes them simple, gentle and hard-working and this is the unique identity of Odias all over the world. Among the 12 Indian months in a year, four months are auspicious for Hindus namely Baishakh, Asadha, Magh & Kartik (most religious). Kartika Masa starts from the…

Kakharu Phula Bhaja/ Kumro Phool Bhaja – Crispy Pumpkin Flower starter

Pumpkin flowers are very much part of the food culture in the Indian states of Odisha and West Bengal. We make fritters (both stuffed and plain) with pumpkin flowers which is called Kumro Phool Boda/Bhaja (Bengal) or Kakharu Fulla Bhaja (Odisha). Today I am sharing with you a beautiful snack recipe made with Pumpkin Flower. It is a popular starter in Odia cuisine. Generally it is served as a starter with plain rice, but it can be eaten as a tea time snacks. It is very tasty to eat, very quick and easy to prepare.

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