Double Cheese Burst Italian Pizza- How to make Pizza at home

A dish which has accepted worldwide for it’s adaptability and versatile nature, it is none other than the Pizza. When we think of Pizza, we think of Italy simultaneously because Italy is famous for both it’s Pizza and Pasta.Pizza could be thin and thick, cheesy or traditional; it can be made as per your choice. The choice of topings in unlimited from vegetables to meat.Whichever way you make it, it turns out to be yummy. In it’s basic form, pizza is a flatbread, which is later cooked by placing it on a hot stone and seasoned with special herbs. Pizza…

Bhapa Sandesh/ Steamed Sandesh/ Steamed Cottage Cheese Fudge

‘Bhapa Sandesh’ or steamed milk fudge need no introduction to any Bengali , for others it is a specific type of sweet or dessert created with chenna (Indian Cheese), sugar and are available in many types and shapes. Bhapa Sandesh is made by steaming home-made cottage cheese and that’s why the name is Steamed Sandesh. ‘Bhapa’ in Bengali means steamed. This steamed Sandesh is usually decorated with saffron streaks or dry fruits or rose petals. Sandesh are made from Chhana or cottage cheese which is the solid form of milk collected after it is curdled . The process involves the…

Chai Ice cream – How to make Masala Chai Ice cream at home

 My mornings are never complete without a sip of chai . This has been a routine since I was a kid when mom would make the first batch of tea early in the morning and the aroma of the freshly brewed chai would compel us to wake up from bed. Chai or Tea is always a part of most of the discussion be it in the morning or in the evening. Sharing  the newspaper along with a cup of chai and some biscuits early in the morning is what many of you can relate to. This morning ritual is still a part of my life today when both mom and son would sit down in the morning to have our tea together.

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