Kara Boondi/Spicy Gram Flour Balls

Kara Boondi or Spicy Boondi is an extremely crunchy and savory version of boondi which is generally made during festivals with with gram flour, cashewnuts, curry leaves , chilli flakes and other spices . The term Kara means Spicy and Boondi refers to crispy fried balls made out of gram flour, rice flour and other spices . You can have these kara Boondi as such or mix it with other ingredients to make mixture, boondi raita etc and can be stored in an airtight container for more than a week. This is an easy and quick anytime snack and is…


Mushroom Rolls

Aroll is aBritishsavorypastry snack popular in European Countries. In addition to being sold at retail outlets, they are also available frombakeriesas atake-away fooditem. A miniature version is popular as a buffet or party food. The basic composition of a roll is generally a filling of meat or any savory things are rolled between these puff pastry sheets and baked with egg glazed or milk on top. They can be served either hot or cold. These Mushroom rolls is so light and uses much lesser amount of butter than the original puff pastry recipes and that is why I like it…


Salty Spinach Crackers (Palak Mathri)- A twist to the traditional Diwali Snack

India is known as the land of festivals with a large number of religious festivities and celebration each having its own importance and meaning in our day to day lives. Diwali is a special time in the life of many Indians. Diwali is almost associated with vibrant clothes, colors, lights, firecrackers lighting up the sky and the variety of sweets and snacks. The household looks decorated with beautiful pattern of Rangoli wit use of vibrant colours. The most quintessential part of any festival in India is the Food. During Diwali many types of savoury and sweet dishes are prepared in…

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