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Amba Khatta/ (Sweet & Sour Green Mango relish)

 Amba Khatta or sweet & sour raw mango relish is a typical odia dish which is a common accompaniment to tantalize the palate in any odia function especially during marriage and puja. In Odia , mango is known as Amba and khatta basically means tangy.This Amba Khatta is a beautiful blend of sweet , sour and spicy…

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Khira Gaintha( Rice Dumplings in sweetened milk)-Few Lesser Known Cuisines Series – Odisha

Khira Gaintha is a traditional odia sweet dish which consists of rice flour dumplings cooked in cardamom flavored milk. This delicious , melt in the mouth desert is prepared mainly during Baula amabasya. The festival is primarily dedicated to worship of the Mango trees. On this day, the mango trees are garlanded and offered with traditional Odia pithas…

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