Chana Masala (Punjabi Chana Masala),is a delicious chana curry from Punjabi cuisine which is popular in all parts of India.Lovingly known by a lot of different names, such as Chole, Punjabi Chole, Khatte Channe, whichfeatures boiled white chickpeas flavoured with a wide range of spice powders known as Chole Masala, along with onions, ginger and garlic. Another special aspect of this famous road-side food is the cooking of the chana with tea, to give a rich flavour and colour to it. Cole Bhature is one of the most eaten breakfast in north India. If you have ever been to Delhi…

BALI YATRA – Remembering Odisha’s Glorious Maritime Glory

“AA KA MA BOI, PANA GUA THOI PANA GUA TORA, MASAKA DHARAMA MORA” Known to be the holiest month according to Hindu calendar, Kartik Purnima is celebrated across the world irrespective of religious inclinations. During this month all the pious Hindus refrain themselves from eating fish, meat and egg. All of them take pre-dawn bath and visit temples as a matter of routine habit.

Raw Banana Kofta Curry

Raw bananas/ Plantains belong to the banana family but tend to be firmer and cannot be eaten raw. They require cooking and are used when green or under ripe. They are a staple food in tropical regions of the world and are used in varied ways like steamed, fried etc. The peel of raw bananas doesn’t come off easily and thus has to be peeled off mostly using a peeler or a knife. Thus, always oil your hands lightly before peeling and chopping raw bananas.The green banana is a good source of fiber, vitamins and minerals, and contains a starch…

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