Raw Banana Kofta Curry

Raw bananas/ Plantains belong to the banana family but tend to be firmer and cannot be eaten raw. They require cooking and are used when green or under ripe. They are a staple food in tropical regions of the world and are used in varied ways like steamed, fried etc. The peel of raw bananas doesn’t come off easily and thus has to be peeled off mostly using a peeler or a knife. Thus, always oil your hands lightly before peeling and chopping raw bananas.The green banana is a good source of fiber, vitamins and minerals, and contains a starch…


The delicious Punjabi dum aloo is one of the most loved potato curry recipes of Indian cooking. This mouth watering truly punjabi style dum aloo recipe with curd and kasuri methi flavored gravy at home is just a few easy steps away. Through out the entire region of our country, this recipe is made with so many variations.Here I am going to show you a truly Punjabi dum aloo recipe made at home in a restaurant style.Do try out yourself and see the result .


 Prawns delicately cooked in cream with spices Filed in Rich Prawns Malai Curry, which is rich in taste, to try at home.You can serve this curry with ghee or jeera rice, This is one prawn preparation that a bong household will never fail to serve you if you’ve been invited over. Any special occasion’s menu is lacking if Chingri Macher Malaikari or Prawn Malai Curry (prawn cooked in rich spiced coocnut milk) is not a part of it.

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