Macha Besara- Fish cooked in mustard gravy

Fish has always plays a predominant role in odiya cuisine as this beautiful coastal state has the Bay of Bengal on one side and many rivers and it’s tributaries cross their path across the State. The presence of these water bodies makes way for huge varieties of fishes available to the local people. It is no surprise why fish is a staple diet for many odias like me. The local markets here is flooded with many varieties of fish like Rohi( Rohu or Ruhi), Bhakura(Catla), Ilisi(Hilsa or Ilish), Mirikali, Pohala, Chandi, Magura in the morning and it is a common…

Curry Patta Aloo- Potatoes cooked in Curry leaves paste

 A staple in any South Indian household, Curry Leaves popularly known as Karri Patta, Kadi Patta, Bhrusanga Patra, kariveppilai can enhance the taste of a dish dramatically with it’s delicious aroma when used in cooking. Native to Southern Asia, Curry leaves are herbs that comes from a tree. Despite belonging to the Neem family, these are not bitter like Neem.For this reason it is also called Meetha neem. 

Sweet & Tangy Pumpkin Curry

 It is a common sight in Odisha to find a pumpkin plant in the backyard of many households because pumpkin is considered as a versatile vegetable with most of it’s part being edible. You can make use of it’s fleshy shell, the leaves are cooked with a paste of mustard and tiny prawns into a beautiful curry that still lingers in my pallet, the flowers are made into fritters mostly and the pumpkin seeds are dry roasted with some salt and pepper to be eaten as munchies . It is one vegetable which finds it’s place in many households because of it’s sweet taste which makes balancing the flavour of other vegetables in a curry. It is an integral part of our odia households as we tend to use it in most of our curries , dalma and even saga( leafy vegetables).

MUDHI MANSA – Puffed Rice with Goat Meat Curry

Mudhi Mansa or puffed Rice with Mutton Curry and Baripada in Mayurbhanj district in Odisha are synonymous with each other. This famous delicacy is served as a main course where goat meat curry or Mansa tarkari is mixed with puffed Rice or Mudhi along with some other side items. It is a belief with the people of Mayurbhanj that if you consume Mudhi after a meal, it will help in digesting the food you eat. No marriage seems complete in Mayurbhanj if you do not offer the Barajatris or Baratis, Mudhi Mansa.The popularity of Mudhi Mansa among most of the…

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