Kori Gassi (Mangalorean Chicken Curry) with Coconut milk

Kori Gassi(Mangalorean chicken curry ) is a delicious coconut and red chilli based curry from the coastal region of Mangalore. In Tulu language,Chicken is called Kori and Gassi is known as curry.  This curry has a lovely blend of different fragrant spices, which is quite unique to Mangalore’s cultural heritage. Mangalore cuisine is mostly influenced…

Potala Rasa

Cultivated in the eastern states of India particularly Odisha, West Bengal, Assam, Bihar, Uttar pradesh, this vine plant similar to cucumber with heart shaped leaves produces a fruit green with white stripes known as Pointed Gourd or Parwal in Hindi, Potal in Odia, Assamese, Bengali and Sanskrit, Parwal in Bhojpuri, Urdu ans Awadhi. Coloquially it is also known as green potato. This humble vegetable is found in almost every Indian household and cooked on a regular basis as it is easily available throughout the year, easy to cook and most importantly comes a little cheaper than other vegetables. But do…

Ghanta Tarkari ( Mixed vegetables curry)

 Despite having great inclination towards non veg cuisines, you can not ignore our love for vegetarian recipes also. The eastern part of India consumes a wide varieties of vegetables and greens than any other parts of the country. It is a pleasant site at this time of the year when you can find a variety of vegetables in the markets all over Odisha. The sheer variety of vegetables will make you speechless as each Odia household gear up to prepare the most beloved mixed vegetable curry – Ghanta Tarkari.

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